Other Foundations, Centers and Institutes that Make Researches and Publish on Turkish Social and Economic History


Turkish History Institution

The aim of Turkish History Institution is to research Turkish History and Turkey's History and topics related to them and to disseminate the results. The institution organizes commemoration meetings, conferences, seminars congresses, has excavations made and publishes books on Turkish History and Turkey's History. The institution has been organizing regular Turkish History Congresses in order to discuss the new findings and scientific topics.


Istanbul University Turkish History of Economics and Sociology Center

Enstitutes that are affiliated to Faculty of Economics and that are united in a center are as follows:

Turkish Institute of Economic History: Turkish Institute of Economic History was founded on July 12th, 1955. The first director of the Institute, who was also the founder, was Professor Omer Lutfi Barkan. The Institute came into being as a result of Rockefeller Foundation's wish to finance a research about Ottoman Censuses and their demand that this research be done by an official institute.

Economics and Sociology Institute: Economics and Sociology Institute was founded in 1933-1934 academic year as an affiliation of Faculty of Law. It was transferred to Faculty of Economics in 1936, when Faculty of Economics was founded. At first it used the same name. However as a result of a decision made in 1949 its name was shortened as "Sociology Institute" Its first director was Ropke. Then Omer Celal Sarc became the director. After the foundation of Faculty of Economics till 1960 Kessler, Riistow, Findikoglu and Orhan Tuna became the directors of the institute. The importance of the Sociology Institute for Faculty of Economics is that the library of the institute was transferred to the library of the faculty.


Istanbul University History Researches Center

It was founded in 1968 in order to bring together the researchers on Turkish History, to found libraries and publish books. It has a library with 2000 books. It publishes a magazine called History Institute Magazine; 14 issues have been published so far. It has organized seminars at the end of May since 1995 every year. Of these seminars, "History and Sociology Seminar" was organized jointly with the Sociology Institute of the Faculty, "Ottoman-Turkish Diplomacy" jointly with Archives Department and "Turkish Miniatures as a Historical Source Seminar" jointly with Munich University Turkology Institute. All of the papers of the seminars were published.


History Foundation of Turkey

In order to contribute to the development of a historical consciousness and to publish works that are prepared in the branches of history and sociology both in Turkey and abroad, History Foundation with its affiliation Yurt Publications, which has been active since 1993, publish works that are specialized on the economic and sociologic history of the regions that formed the largest Ottoman geography.



History of Economic History

Turkish Economic History

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