Founded in April 2004, Titap Org (Turkish Platform For Economic History Studies) aims to contribute to this discipline by increasing the scientific cooperation among the researchers that are interested in the History of Economics academically.

Titap Org is a virtual organization without a hierarchy and without a commercial aim. This organization has been formed in order to produce a strong and reliable medium to be referred in terms of communication and cooperation among historians of economics.

A virtual medium has been aimed in order to bring together the researchers of Economic History, to increase the possibilities of exchanging ideas, to inform members about the scientific activities in the field like conferences, workshops, seminars, etc in Turkey and abroad, to inform members about the projects that are carried out and that are intended to realize, to discuss, talk about and/or relate the topics that the members are working on or want to work on.

A "Web Coordination Group" was formed in order to carry out the Platform works in a certain order. This group comprises people who want to bring their contributions together based on volunteerism.

Taken these properties into account, Titap Org bears the characteristic of being the first organization in the field of Economic History in Turkey. Researchers and academicians working in the field of Economic History are regarded as natural members of this organization. It is a prerequisite for becoming a member to the site to have a written work (book, thesis, article, project, etc) or to have taught in the field of Economic History. It will suffice to fill in the short membership form in order to have access to the site.

Titap Org members will determine the targets of the Organization in the light of the development of the Economic History researches. The decisions and contributions for the development of the researches on Economic History will reflect the thoughts of the members. The thoughts of the members will be determined through regular surveys and messages sent by the members and they will be published in the website



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